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How to smooth selection and refine edge using Photoshop CC 2019

Good day!

Welcome to another Photoshop tutorial by Ramez Amr!

We will learn how to make a smooth selection with refined edges with adobe Photoshop CC ( I am using adobe Photoshop CC 2019 ) . You can use any version you want but make sure does it include select and mask feature. So let’s start…

Step one: Open your image file ( I am using the puppy image since it has some hair and it is a good example to work with).

Step Two:

Using Quick selection tool (shortcut key W), Select around the puppy by clicking and drag slowly. If mistakenly you selected part of puppy, no worries you can hold ALT with click (you will see minus sign on the tool). Then drag and click out on the mistakenly selected area.

Step 3:

Inverse selection because we want to select only the puppy.

Step 4:

Click select and mask button on the top. A new window will open with some options.

Step 5:

Adjust and play with the options until it fits the result you smooth, feather and radius.

Step 6:

Click select with a new layer mask.

Step 7:

Sometimes parts on the puppy not showing after select and mask. We can fix that buy click on the mask layer and select brush tool with white color and paint slowly on the parts that we want them to show.

Step 8:

Open other background image and arrange the windows in tile.

Step 7:

Drag puppy to the new background and you will notice how the selection is smooth and you can do what ever with that selection.

That’s it for this tutorial. If you need more clarification you can watch the video on the start of this topic. Please like and share !. If you have any question comment bellow.

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