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Tutorial | Adobe Photoshop 2019 | How to place wall art into building

If you are looking for a way to place an image or art into a wall,a building, using vanishing point, this tutorial for you!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use an easy and fast way feature available in photoshop which is called “Vanishing point”.You will see this option available under Filters menu on top bar.So lets start!


I have used two images, one is the wall and the other one is the art.You can use your own images.


Select the art image tab and from select menu click select all. And hit CTRL+C to copy th selection.


Now navigate to the first tab which is the building image. Under filter click on Vanishing point.

A new window will open with some options and tools. Click on the “Create Plane tool” which will create a grid into out image that we can place the art on it.

Click and drag to make lines or borders on the required area to form a rectangle (from one side only). Then hover on the middle point on one of the sides to extend the rectangle to the opposite side.


Hit CTRL-V to past our art image. Drag it outside of the rectangle, resize it and then drag it again inside the rectangle and you will notice how the perspective of the art image changed according to the vanishing point.

5- Click on marquee tool, and you can reduce opacity and turn “Heal” to on it will smooth the image art for better look.


Once you done click ok.

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