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How to smooth selection and refine edge using Photoshop CC 2019

Good day!

Welcome to another Photoshop tutorial by Ramez Amr!

We will learn how to make a smooth selection with refined edges with adobe Photoshop CC ( I am using adobe Photoshop CC 2019 ) . You can use any version you want but make sure does it include select and mask feature. So let’s start…

Step one: Open your image file ( I am using the puppy image since it has some hair and it is a good example to work with).

Step Two:

Using Quick selection tool (shortcut key W), Select around the puppy by clicking and drag slowly. If mistakenly you selected part of puppy, no worries you can hold ALT with click (you will see minus sign on the tool). Then drag and click out on the mistakenly selected area.

Step 3:

Inverse selection because we want to select only the puppy.

Step 4:

Click select and mask button on the top. A new window will open with some options.

Step 5:

Adjust and play with the options until it fits the result you smooth, feather and radius.

Step 6:

Click select with a new layer mask.

Step 7:

Sometimes parts on the puppy not showing after select and mask. We can fix that buy click on the mask layer and select brush tool with white color and paint slowly on the parts that we want them to show.

Step 8:

Open other background image and arrange the windows in tile.

Step 7:

Drag puppy to the new background and you will notice how the selection is smooth and you can do what ever with that selection.

That’s it for this tutorial. If you need more clarification you can watch the video on the start of this topic. Please like and share !. If you have any question comment bellow.

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Activation error. Kaspersky cannot setup server connection

Welcome back to another easy fix!

If you are a Kaspersky user and you got an error says: Kaspersky cannot setup server connection, and your activation key is already active or not expired!, then don’t worry I am also faced the same problem and I will show you an easy fix with very simple steps:


type or search on your windows for word:”edge” which is Microsoft edge.


right-click on Microsoft edge icon and click on app settings, a new window will show with some settings and scroll down to Repair and Reset buttons click them and Restart you PC. and Finally you will not get the error: “Kaspersky cannot setup server” anymore!.

Blog Photoshop Tutorials

Tutorial | Adobe Photoshop 2019 | How to place wall art into building

If you are looking for a way to place an image or art into a wall,a building, using vanishing point, this tutorial for you!

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to use an easy and fast way feature available in photoshop which is called “Vanishing point”.You will see this option available under Filters menu on top bar.So lets start!


I have used two images, one is the wall and the other one is the art.You can use your own images.


Select the art image tab and from select menu click select all. And hit CTRL+C to copy th selection.


Now navigate to the first tab which is the building image. Under filter click on Vanishing point.

A new window will open with some options and tools. Click on the “Create Plane tool” which will create a grid into out image that we can place the art on it.

Click and drag to make lines or borders on the required area to form a rectangle (from one side only). Then hover on the middle point on one of the sides to extend the rectangle to the opposite side.


Hit CTRL-V to past our art image. Drag it outside of the rectangle, resize it and then drag it again inside the rectangle and you will notice how the perspective of the art image changed according to the vanishing point.

5- Click on marquee tool, and you can reduce opacity and turn “Heal” to on it will smooth the image art for better look.


Once you done click ok.


How to get free hosting for free without credit card

While I was looking for a free service on google.I have found this website SMARTERASP

It provides a free hosting with mysql databases for 60 days!.So if you are looking for a free ASP hosting to deploy and test your projects you can signup for free without credit card.It only needs your mobile phone verification via sms.


Python not working with CMD, windows 10 Fix


Have you installed python in your system? opened CMD (command prompt), and when you type in python you get the following error :

” ‘python’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

The solution is simple !

Just type “py” instead of python and it will work.For example, type “py –version” to check what version of python installed in your computer.

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Realistic bus mockup psd free download no attribution

Realistic bus mockup psd free download no attribution required.Totally Free!

Download here

Photoshop Tutorials

How to make white paper mockup using adobe Photoshop cc

Have you ever tried to create a mock PSD (Adobe Photoshop File) file for your own photoshop projects or portfolios? or you just download them from google?.

Well, if you want to know convert a simple white paper image to a mock PSD file that you can insert into it your own projects (drawings, photos , arts , etc.).In This tutorial we are going to make our mock file using something called “Clipping mask” and “Convert to smart object” options in Adobe Photoshop.

Files you need for this tutorial:

1 – Paper image that I used:

2 – Any image or drawing that you want to add it into paper.

This is how our end mock file will look like:

So, Let us starts!

Step 1:

You start you open you Photoshop and open the paper file.

Step 2:

Using Polygonal Lasso Tool   make selection around the top left corner of the paper without selecting the shadow (We want the shadow to be on our drawing that will be on the paper).

Step 3:

While the corner selected we hit Ctrl+C to copy then Ctrl+V to paste a copy of the selection. A new layer will show on layers panel with the selected part (We want that part later to be above our art). Double click on this layer and rename it to “Left corner”.

Step 4:

We open our art file or whatever file you want

Step 5:

After opening our art file, it will open in a new window. We drag the image to paper file. Then we resize it to fit the paper in a proper way.

Step 6:

We want our art to look realistic on the paper. So we select the art layer and in blending mode menu we select Multiply (It will mix the colors of the art with paper mesh).

Step 7:

We set the opacity to 80% above layers panel.

Step 8:

As you notice that our art is showing above the left corner part layer that we have created before. So, we want our image to be under it by going to layers panel and drag “Left corner Layer to the top”.

Step 9:

Now we want to get ride of the extra part on the top left corner from the art. We will will do that using “Clipping mask” option. Select our art layer and right click ; from options select create clipping mask. Now that extra part disappeared.

Step 10:

We will make our art as smart object by right click on art layer and select “convert to smart object”.

Step 11:

If we want to change or replace the art without affecting our paper project , we double click on the art layer. It will open in a new tab as a separate file , so we can opne any new art and drag it to our smart object window.Then we close it and click save. And now you can see that our new art showing in the paper.

That’s all! If you need more details you can watch the video tutorial on my YouTube channel in the beginning of the post.

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